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Nataliya Shurupova, MS

Technical Director

Nataliya Shurupova joined MRAIA in 2015 as a Technical Lead with more than 10 years of experience in healthcare IT.  Nataliya has been working for leading healthcare groups in Chicago, such as Northwestern University - Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (NUCATS) and Northwestern Medicine.

At MRAIA, Nataliya is serving as a Technical Lead for the development of full-lifecycle technical solutions for research and public health initiatives.  She has been involved in such projects as a homelessness study, aggregating and analyzing clinical data from a number of sources and the city's HMIS system.  She also has led the build of a registry linking clinical data from multiple participating hospitals, community health centers and pharmacies, as well as "Loss to Follow-Up" component designed to bring patients back to care for Hepatitis C Community Alliance to Test and Treat (HepCCATT) program.  She provided various technical services for Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) projects that included, but not limited to, Syndromic Surveillance, Marathon Reporting, and XDRO Registry. Amongst many other initiatives and responsibilities, Nataliya oversees the technical aspects of CAPriCORN projects, where data from multiple sources are aggregated, de-duplicated, standardized, analyzed and reported on.

Nataliya holds a M.S. Degree in Distributed Systems from DePaul University in Chicago and a B.S in Radiophysics and Electronics from Dnipro National University, Ukraine.

"I enjoy working at MRAIA.  The company is so versatile with its variety of services and healthcare initiatives.  We touch a lot of different aspects of data and technology and help advance the human health to a better place."


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