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Collaborating for Equity


The events occurring in the past several months are impacting all of our lives in profound ways. As a data and analytics organization that works to provide infrastructure, integration, and expertise to advance the health and well-being of all people, MRAIA has been closely following the discussions regarding race, health inequity and racial injustice.  


MRAIA strives to improve the health of our community by working together with partners across a variety of sectors and systems to enable greater collaboration and synergy. In many of the communities where we partner, systemic racism shows up as housing discrimination, inequitable economic opportunities and environments that do not support healthy living. The COVID-19 pandemic has also increased awareness of these health disparities.


In order to achieve health equity, MRAIA will continue to focus our efforts to address avoidable disparities, historical and contemporary injustices and the elimination of health inequalities. We are committed to deepening our role to fight for an equitable country where everyone, regardless of economic status, race, nationality, or religion, can live their healthiest and fullest lives.

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